Better off Red fit club

Well Jamie Ramsey is the man, Jamie is assistant director of media relations for the Cincinnati Reds.  On October 18th Jamie decided to start up a challenge of sorts or maybe just a support group to help his readers and himself stay motivated to lose weight.

Since Starting the BORfitclub I have lost a total of 41 puonds, I can tell a big difference.  I wear 2XL shirts but they’re all really loose, and my pants havent been this baggy in a long long time, high school to be exact(that was 10 years ago).

I have to thank Jamie and all of the BOR family for the support that they have shown.

Check out Jamie’s Blog, its where i get all my Cincinnati Reds news from!


Charlie Hustle

About a week before Redsfest, a Sports Memorabilia store out by my work in West Chester was having an autograph signing with Pete Rose.  I decided to go, it was worth the fifty dollars an item i shelled out, I got two baseballs autographed one for each of my daughters.

I also got a picture with the Hit King, he was a nice guy and no dummy.  I really wanted him to inscript one of the baseballs with Charlie Hustle, but he said NO to that. Instead of that he signed one in red ink, with #4256, and the other in blue ink with Hit King.

Pete Rose should be eligible for the Hall!